Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Latest Post at New Geography: Revisiting Toronto’s G20 Costs

Originally posted at New Geography, and picked up by the National Post.

In the lead up to the G20 conference, the security costs were projected to approach a billion dollars. As high as this number sounds, sources are now speculating that the total bill could be closer to $2 billion. Shocking as that number is, the costs incurred by local businesses may have exceeded that total.

In addition to the physical damage to the hundreds of shops that were smashed in, there were major productivity losses during, and in the week before the conference. The most visible opportunity cost was the sharp decline in retail sales...(continue reading)


  1. Costs are shared between all levels of government involved. Had it been at the CNE it wouldn't of hurt but helped and you wouldn't of been able to make your argument. Just saying.

    Mayor Miller does more year over year to hurt Toronto businesses in the grand scheme of things.

  2. It is estimated that the man seen in videos wielding the silver hammer caused over $300k in damages alone on his little smashing spree.