Monday, September 20, 2010

Amalgamation, and Election Year Anger in Toronto

My latest New Geography article. Toronto election year anger is a side effect of amalgamation, rather than a knee jerk reaction against big government.

Despite Toronto’s international reputation for livability, all is not well in the city. Many politicians and pundits blame the outgoing city council, and Mayor David Miller. While they’ve done their share of damage, the city faces deeper, systemic problems. The source of the problem is more fundamental than stifling bureaucracy, or the stranglehold of the public sector unions. These are symptoms of the institutional sclerosis caused by the amalgamation of Toronto and surrounding areas into the new Toronto Megacity...(continue reading)


  1. Yes, and greenie Vancouver sucks as well.

  2. Incredibly biased interview on Contact last night with Toronto Star journalist talking about the Toronto election. Basically the rubes who are going for Ford don't know anything about the issues apparently, they are just seaking revenge.

  3. Amalgamation is an issue for sure but the left decided to screw it up for personal gain. Remember when they fought it, saying it wouldn't save money? Well guess what it didn't save money but we can guess why right? They didn't fire or lay off any of the redundant workers that's why. In fact they hired more staff because they then had more bureaucracy and complexity to try and control. (real conservative)